About Dacayana Eskrima

Dacayana Eskrima has now been in the UK for around 10 years. The system was founded by Master Jun Dacayana and introduced in the UK by Marcie Harding and John 'Jo' Biggs in 2006. Read more HERE

Eskrima is the Filipino Martial Art, sometimes called Arnis or Kali. It is a very effective system and has considerable self defence applications. Eskrima or Arnis is widely used by fontline professionals such as Police, Prison officers, Doorpersons, Security Professionals and Bodyguards. Many of the Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches are professionals in these fields as well as dedicated Martial Artists.  Eskrima is normally taught with  a weapons first approach and the Dacayana System also uses this approach but contains unique Training methods and Drills (Balla Balla), unique Footwork and approaches the application of some Weapons Categories (like pocket stick) in a way not normally seen in the UK.  For information on Weapons categories and the UK syllabus please look HERE